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The Rossies

The three lads

Damien Keenahan from Boyle, Co. Roscommon, currently the longest serving player for Wolfe Tones. Damo joined The Tones in 2009 and since then has won every honor there is to win in Australia. Some would even argue he has won more medals than Chirsty Devaney.

Eamonn McCormack from Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon. Joined Wolfe Tones in 2009 and since 2015 to present is the men’s senior manager. His most successful year was 2016 when Wolfe Tones went 25 games unbeaten taking out out the 9s, 7s, Gosford, League and Championship competitions.

Cathal Kelly from Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon. Captained the club in 2017. Some people say we would have never won the drive for five without him. He started an all in brawl in the 7s final the previous year which resulted in the wrong man getting sent off. Cathal spent the evening in hospital getting some well deserved stitches and a 7s medal around his neck.